Trips Off Phuket

Trips Off Phuket - The True Essence Of Island With Fantastic Experience

Consider getting out and away from the tourist centers and see the "real" Phuket - beautiful countryside - rural villages - stunning sea and bay views. The best way to explore the area around Phuket, Phang Nga Bay and all the tropical islands in the Andaman Sea, is by boat. If you are a couple and have idea on sailing, take a bareboat and explore the area on your own.
Holidaying on a Phuket beach have a whole array activities and attractions to chase off approaching boredom, and a good array of day-trips are among those options – out in the morning, back by dark with new experiences and wider horizons. Phuket is loaded with exciting places to visit and things to do, but there are lots of beautiful islands just offshore that offer unique sights of their own. Many of the islands around Phuket are deserted, and offer some of the best dive sites and snorkeling areas. Come and explore this beautiful land of sea, sand and shore.

Enjoy at its countless beautiful beaches, some of which are commercial and vibrant, some extremely picturesque and others just off the beaten path and perfect to relax.

It’s just a bless cruising along Phuket’s gorgeous coastal roads, up and down the hills, discovering beaches, temples and more on your own pace. You can rent motorbikes in cheap cost to explore this majestic land.

Take the advantages of the best photographic opportunities.

Enjoy the grand sight of Phuket’s most beautiful monument” The Big Buddha” sitting on the hills.

See the beautiful colonial buildings built in the early 20th century in Phuket town.

Stop for swimming and snorkeling on the island to make your Trips Off Phuket filmy with Follow Me Phuket!

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