Follow Me Phuket is a 5-star luxury spa body spa in Phuket Town. Focus on the best interior design in a variety of styles. Equipped with facilities for relaxation + fun with all 12 massage rooms, all services of Catherine is to create happiness for customers from all corners of the world. We sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to serve you as well.

Follow Me Phuket service is focused on the body massage + body massage with aroma or lotion to provide a sense of relaxation. By splitting the service into two types.

90 minutes in the shop, customers can use the service in our shop. With a full 90 minutes of service, you can choose aroma or lotion to create a sense of relaxation + comfortable atmosphere, friendly

service or buddy Customers can find buddy or companion for a short time. Of the rest or travel from the Catherine Massas shop because the shop has a real shop, not just a website (can find the location of the store on the Google map). Her Majesty's Service is not the customer + friendly + worth + the safest and safest in Phuket. (This service is a buddy or buddy only.

It is not affiliated with the sale of sexual services in any way. If there is a personal deal in place, the Catherine Massas Restaurant would like to inform you that the deal is at the shop and the shop's website. Not involved or witnessed anything)

Shop location The location is private. Uncrowded inner portions of the Night Plaza (adjacent to Twin Inn) Street facet effects. Muang. Phuket or check the GPS and Google Maps below



We have 12 Rooms. 2 with Jacuzzi. The whole shop has been renovated. You will not find such sensational, modern, clean rooms anywhere. Come, and you will have an experience you never expected!!

Products for service

Katherine Massage uses high quality Thai products developed in Phuket which use Thai ingredients to design products which are environmentally friendly and healthy.

Inside Massage

(For Inside Shop Prices Please Send E-Mail Or Call)

Relax & Happy Ending with Body to Body

By Aroma or Lotion Massage

Total 90 Mins Any Room Inside shop You can choose 1 Lady or 2 Ladies

Outside call massage & Escort Service


Outside call & Escort service, If you change a lady or reject her, you will be charged 3,000 baht for Taxi & Lady time. There are no hidden costs beyond the rates shown.

Price includes staff delivery & full service.

All inclusive total 90 Mins

1 Lady : 1 Customer = 4,500. THB

2 Lady : 1 Customer = 7,000.THB

1 or 2 Lady : Couples = 7,000.THB



All inclusive total 4 Hours

1 Lady : 1 Customer = 10,000.- THB

2 Lady : 1 Customer = 15,000.- THB

1 Lady : Couples = 12,500.- THB

2 Lady : Couples = 15,000.- THB


All inclusive total 12 Hours

1 Lady : 1 Customer = 12,500.- THB

2 Lady : 1 Customer = 19,000.- THB

1 Lady : Couples = 15,000.- THB

2 Lady : Couples = 19,000.- THB


All inclusive total 24 Hours

1 Lady : 1 Customer = 15,000.- THB

2 Lady : 1 Customer = 22,000.- THB

1 Lady : Couples = 17,500.- THB

2 Lady : Couples = 22,000.- THB


Escort Service


Escort Services to make it easier for you to enjoy your time here. Many return again and again to visit with our staff.

  Friendly guides to take you to enjoy & be happy in short time with local phuket entertainment.

  Friendly guides can help you adjust yourself quickly with the native customs and cultures of phuket.

  The Escorts can help you to relax your mind sometimes such as, see movies, see comedy show, sing karaoke and more.

  They can help you translate Thai to English sometimes if you want.

  Erotic Aroma massage services with you.

  Impress with Overnight companionship for take you do something special & wonderful.

Only Real girls , No Lady boys , No Males

Katherine's priority is "Service to the Customer". So we pay our girls the best for providing you the best service. If not, they will not be working at Katherine's.

Katherine's is reliable, consistent, honest and dependable. That's why we have so many repeat customers. You don't have to worry about losing your belongings, or hygienic matters, or drugs with our girls. They are tested prior to starting work, and we conduct surprise drug tests in the shop. Our prices are all inclusive and who you book is who you receive. There is no "bait and switch" at Katherine's. We have not changed our prices in almost 4 years.

Please note that our staff will change. We update the website with pictures and bio as often as changes happen. For ensuring that the lady you like is available for you, advance booking is recommended.

Medical Certification Information

Every one of our staff test for HIV. Before work start.


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