Phuket is situated amongst a whole host of gorgeous tropical islands, each with unique landscapes and opportunities for a variety of activities including snorkelling, sailing, sunbathing or just enjoying the beauty of nature. The best way to see some of the nearby islands is to go for a day trip, allowing enough time to enjoy many water activities and see all the breathtaking sights.


Famous Phi Phi Island has appeared in movies and is a hotspot destination in Thailand. The islands can be accessed by boat, and house sheer cliffs and a beachfa-facebookront jungle. Phi Phi is known for its laid-back atmosphere due to the fact that one island is uninhabited by humans and the other has no roads. With clear waters, Phi Phi is one of the best locations in Thailand for snorkelling and scuba diving, offering stunning views of the various ocean life. Kayaking and speed boating are other popular water activities available on the islands.


With beautiful beaches, limestone scenery, National Parks and tropical forests, Krabi is a great island hopping destination for visitors staying in Phuket. Much of the area is part of the National Park, providing visitors with a wonderful place to relax and unwind while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. For thrill-seekers, Krabi offers the opportunity to partake in activities like snorkelling, exploring caves, bird watching and sailing around the coastline. Eco tours and elephant treks are available in-land, allowing visitors to explore all Krabi has to offer.


Coral Island is only 3km from Phuket, making it a great day trip destination. The island’s two main beaches, Long Beach and Banana Beach, allow visitors a glimpse of an impressive coral reef. On the beaches, deck chairs and loungers are available to rent for a relaxing day in the sun, and great dining options are plentiful. Both beaches on Coral Island offer a variety of water activities, including snorkelling, canoes and banana boats. Parasailing is also available on Long Beach. Coral Island is accessible by longboat from Chalong pier or Rawai Beach.


Koh Bon is a magnificent spot for seeing manta rays, particularly during April and May. Diving off the south side of the island offers visitors the chance to see not only manta rays, but leopard sharks and colourful coral in yellows and greens. Koh Bon is also a great place for night diving, where divers can see coral ledges dotted with crabs, octopi and shrimp. Because Koh Bon is just 15 minutes from Rawai, it’s an easy day-trip destination with beautiful sandy beaches for those not inclined to snorkel.


Koh Similan is well known in the area for its crystal clear waters and various sea creatures and wildlife, making it one of the most interesting sites for diving. The low-lying beach is accented with rich forests of ironwood and gum trees, creating a scenic backdrop to enjoy. The forests are home to exotic wildlife such as bats, lizards, crab-eating monkeys and beautiful birds. The large boulders on the southern and western shores of the island greet visitors as they approach, and spectacular coral formations await divers. Similan also offers sailors a great spot to sail during the months of November through May.


Raya Island sits in the Andaman Sea only a quick 45-minute boat trip from Phuket by Chalong pier or Rawai. This tranquil island hosts warm, clear-blue waters and clean, sandy beaches. The various, intriguing sea life of Raya Island makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling enthusiasts to go diving, while the quiet beaches are great for those just looking for a relaxing beach getaway in the sun.


Nestled between Similan Island and Surin Island sits Tachai Island (also known as Virgin Island), one of the best dive sites Thailand has to offer. An underwater plateau is home to brilliant marine life such as nurse sharks, manta rays, leopard sharks and gorgeous coral formations. Whale sharks and hawksbill turtles are common sights in the rocky waters of Tachai Island. For visitors who would rather sunbathe or enjoy the scenery, Tachai boasts a long, white beach and small mountain viewpoint.

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